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Terracotta miniature wall hanging

Terracotta miniature wall hanging

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*Cute🥰 home decor alert*

 We present to you miniature utensils wall hanging🥘🍳

 Decorate your kitchen, balconies or just any space with the cutest wall hangings in town!!!

 The wall hangings consist of traditional utensils like Earthern stove, rolling pin, grain grinder, bucket etc.

(चुल, कढई, पोलपाट लाटनं, बादली, हंडा, जातं, उखळ, सुप)

 🔸Material: Terracotta

Hand painted🎨

 🔸Dimensions: each utensil=2*2 inches

 🔸Total number of objects: 8

 🔸Total length of wall hanging=103cm

 So hang them as they are..

Or paint them with the colours you love and brighten up the spaces of your home!

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